Terminal complex

Terminal complex is a part ARIVIST Group - a modern terminal complex of more than 3500 square meters, which located on the territory of "The big port of St. Petersburg" and belongs to one of its terminals.

The main advantages of the terminal complex are:

The convenient geographical location of terminal’s wharf (Bolshaya Turukhtannaya gavan’ is located in close proximity to gate of port)

Availability of all services of the terminal complex which provide unloading (stevedores, dispatchers, shift supervisors of warehouse of temporary storage);

High speed of cargo‘s handling

Comfortable conditions for drivers and consignees while staying on terminal during cargo operations

For the unloading from vessels, rail waggons and trucks the terminal complex has:

  • The railway line
  • Specialty equipment (cranes, tow cars etc.)
  • Parking for longer vehicles
  • Air conditioning system, which allows to maintain required temperature
  • There is the opportunity for short-time storage before goods will be delivered to consignee’s warehouse