Services of Trading House

Within the service of the Trading House of ARIVIST Group takes over in whole or in part the organization and implementation of your foreign trade transactions. This scheme of work allows you to avoid the risks with transportation and customs clearance of the international deliveries.

You don’t need to deal with supplier selection, conclusion of foreign trading contract, quality control, delivery, currency transactions, customs clearance, tax payment, preparation and submission of reports

We take responsibility for your foreign trade transaction before the numerous regulatory and inspection authorities

What we do:

  • We search and conduct negotiations with suppliers and customers around the world
  • We prepare foreign trading contract according to the conditions INCOTERMS 2010
  • We check and pick up the cargo from the shipper’s warehouse
  • We prepare all required documents and permits for import / export of goods to other countries
  • We organize delivery and storage of cargo
  • We perform customs clearance (incl. payment of customs duties)
  • We deliver cargo to your warehouse with full set of documents

Options for cooperation within the service:

  • We execute all activities and operations for organization and implementation of foreign trade transaction by acting as buyer in process of goods purchase by the foreign partner. In this case you buy the goods from us in the country of arrival.
  • You give us the part of activities for organization and implementation of foreign trade transaction, at the same time you have direct contract relations with shipper/consignee. Even with such scheme of cooperation ARIVIST Group consults its clients regarding legal and financial questions, within the procedure of the transaction. During preparatory phase it allows to prepare foreign trade agreements correctly and to request all documents from the partner which are necessary for the successful customs clearance.

ARIVIST Group greatly facilitates the process of exporting and importing and simplifies the business relationship of their customers with foreign partners.