ARIVIST Group provides the services in international transport and customs clearance of personal belongings for individuals. Projects for individuals have many specifics and nuances, so for their coordination we have separate team of employees.

For us there are no unimportant and no „not expensive" items. By default, the personal value of each cargo we work with is LARGE! Whether it is a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles or a favorite statuette.

24 years work on the market

More than 1000 clients - individuals

The services for individuals include:

  • Detailed consulting and calculation of each phase of the delivery and customs clearance.
  • Pickup and delivery of cargo till place of destination. We organize the transport by any mode of transportation depending on kind of cargo, weight, size, deadlines and delivery route.
  • Forwarding on terminals and ports, short-time storage.
  • Customs clearance. For successful customs clearance it’s necessary to consider a variety of conditions: Your cargo must be allowed for the sending / delivery by individuals, in appropriate packing, for all goods in the shipment must be assigned the correct code according Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activities of the Eurasian Economic Union (e.g. normally the shipment with personal belongings for the family with two persons includes about 250 HS Codes), all payments and customs duties have to be calculated correctly and paid. Providing incomplete set of documents and errors by their filling are the main reasons for additional unplanned costs, which cannot occur if customs clearance will be done by professionals.

You can use a full range of services and also contact us for the consulting and providing of certain types of services (e.g. only customs clearance).

We organize delivery and customs clearance of personal belongings, vehicles, object of art, musical instruments, sports equipment, home decoration and other items of non-commercial use.